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Sami_Alonso_B_W.jpgSami Alonso is Argentine and lives in Buenos Aires. Since she started her studies in social work, her focus has been based in promoting the rights and freedom of women. Currently, she is a proud fat activist and ‘plus-size’ model, and also writes for the blog #SeArmoLaGorda where she debates the hegemonic construction of bodies and the problems with beauty standards. Sami joined the AnyBody team in July 2017. 


Yanina_Corrado.jpgYanina Corrado is Argentine and lives in the province of Buenos Aires. She is studying graphic design at the University of Buenos Aires and also takes complementary courses to strengthen her knowledge base and acquire new skills. In her free time, she engages in modelling, dance and writing. From a young age she realized that she felt represented via feminism and body-positive politics and wants to spread the same message of self-acceptance to as many people as possible. Yani has been a part of the AnyBody team since April 2018. 


Mechi_Estruch.jpgMercedes Estruch is Argentine and lives in Mar del Plata, a coastal city in the province of Buenos Aires. She is sociology student at the national University of Mar del Plata where she plans to devote her thesis to the empowerment of dissident bodies. Additionally, she volunteers with the Faculty of Health and Social Work in addition to the Gender and Public Politics program at her university, where she is currently involved in the coordination of an integral sex education program. As a feminist, she believes it is necessary to raise awareness regarding the issues related to the non-adherence of beauty, health, and size mandates, and the importance of promoting body diversity and respect for all types of bodies. Mercedes joined the team in March 2018. 


Lucrecia_BW.jpgLucrecia Fernández is Argentine and has a degree in Computer Science. She works as Business Analyst in a multinational company in Rosario, where she lives. When she is not in front of the computer, she is taking photos, her other passion. She is proud to be part of the AnyBody Argentina team since 2012 and is pleased to be raising awareness and taking action for women and teenagers. 


Sharon_2017.jpgSharon Haywood is a University of Toronto Psychology graduate and a Canadian freelance writer and editor who has been living in Argentina for several years. From 2009 to 2014, she was co-editor for Adios Barbie, and formed part of the Global Advisory Board for the Dove Self-Esteem Project between 2013 and 2016. Sharon was the Buenos Aires Endangered Species Summit Coordinator in March 2011, when she officially launched the Endangered Bodies initiative in Argentina, AnyBody Argentina. Sharon is currently completing her Master of Science (MSc) in Health Psychology (2020) through Aston University. She is on leave from AnyBody for one year between November 2019 and November 2020 while she works as a researcher at the Centre for Appearance Research at the University of West England


Victoria_Mata_Admari.jpgVictoria Mata Adimari is Argentine and lives in Buenos Aires. She has a Bachelor Degree in English and works as an English teacher and freelance translator. She is passionate about reading, especially anything that relates to challenging oppressive stereotypes and promoting equality. After experiencing body shaming, she decided it was time for a change. That's how she discovered feminism and the body-positive movement, which led her to pursue change and become involved with AnyBody Argentina and Endangered Bodies International, where she helps manage the global team's social media accounts. She joined both teams in late 2019.


Juli_BW.JPGJulia Taleisnik is an Argentine licensed psychologist. She works in the area of volunteer development at an NGO with more than 60 years experience in Argentina, developing content related to diversity and intercultural issues. Her interest in diversity led her to join the AnyBody team. As beauty is a cultural construction, she believes that every body should be represented in the media and fashion industry. Julia has been part of the AnyBody Argentina team since February 2016. 


Past Interns and Members

Sam Harrison (2016-2019)

Ayelen Hamity (2018-2019)

Camila Papa (2016-2019)

Brenda Mato (2016-2019)

Gaby Zifferman (2018-2019)

Wynn Rederburg (2019), intern via McCall MacBain International Fellowship

Denise Lenoir (2016-2018) 

Agustina Solavaggione Sabino (2017-2018)

Cecilia Basualdo (2016-2017)

Liz Valentine (2016-2017)

María Belén Alcaraz Saint Pierre (2016-2017)

Cinthia Gisele Dalama (2017)

Andrés Aronowicz (2016-2017)

Camila Docampo (2015-2017)

Jesica Formoso (2015-2016)

Jimena Piano (2013-2016)

Vanesa Cuccia (2015)

Zara Benaventos Ceppi (2013-2015)

Ruth Atkinson (2013-2014)

Ashley Baldwin (2010-2013)

María Celeste Cardillo (2012-2013)

Emily Maters (2012-2013)

Liza Orlando (2011-2013) 

Cinthia Pacheco (2010-2012)

Noël Salviolo (2010-2011), UCA (Catholic University of Argentina) Intern

Maia Worsnop (2011), UCA (Catholic University of Argentina) Intern


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