What Do We Mean by "Endangered"?

The name of our global movement, Endangered Bodies, is a reflection of the epidemic of body hate that is evident throughout the world, Argentina included. 

"Body hatred is becoming one of the West’s hidden exports.” ~Susie Orbach


Regina José Galindo, a performance artist from Guatemala who participated in Buenos Aires Endangered Species

“Body beautiful and the goal of perfectability have been democratised. Invitingly set out as available to everyone in any country whatever their economic situation, the right body is trumpeted as a way of belonging in our world today.… it is only because it is now so ordinary to be distressed about our bodies or body parts that we dismiss the gravity of body problems, which constitute a hidden public health emergency – showing up only obliquely in the statistics on self-harm, obesity and anorexia – the most visible and obvious signs of a far wider-ranging body dis-ease.” (from Bodies by Susie Orbach)

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