The Size Law

AnyBody Argentina has been working tirelessly to promote size law compliance in Argentina since its founding in 2010. Instead of focusing our energy on retailers that cater to smaller-sized clientele and neglect the majority of Argentines, or push for greater enforcement of the law via fines and store closures, we decided to attack the lack of size law compliance by employing a new tactic. In 2011, we decided to shine a light on those brands that were making efforts to comply with the size law, as we couldn't find a brand that complied 100% with the size law. 

Currently, size laws are determined by local government bodies and therefore vary from province to province, and sometimes city to city, making it a challenge for consumers and brands alike. Although AnyBody Argentina fully supports compliance with provincial and municipal size laws, we recognize the challenge for national and international brands who are faced with complying with varying size laws throughout the country. Subsequently, we no longer place explicit focus on size law compliance, but instead, celebrate brands that offer a wide range of sizes and demonstrate body-positive practices, such as a no-Photoshop policy and the inclusion of diverse models. As of May 2016, we have congratulated seven major national brands

We've worked with INADI (National Institute Against Discrimination, Racism and Xenophobia) and la Camara de Indumentaria in campaigning for an increase in the number of sizes stocked by national brands and the creation of a national size law based on up-to-date, anthropometric information taken from Argentine bodies. Fortunately, the National Institute of Industrial Technology (INTI) has undertaken the task of Argentina's first anthropometric study; AnyBody Argentina is in contact with INTI, offering its support. 

The following poster illustrates commonly heard phrases by average-sized folks in Argentina, particularly women, such as "It only comes in 'one-size-fits-all'"; "It doesn't fit? It's the biggest size we have!"; and "We don't carry your size". Our annual online surveys have revealed that almost 70% of Argentines have problems finding fashionable clothes in their size. For the latest results (in Spanish), please visit this link


 Please sign our petition for a national, coherent and inclusive size law.

*The current measurements being used to develop Argentine Size Laws are based on data obtained from other countries outside of Latin America.


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