Model Meter 2012


The Model Meter is an interactive art installation developed by a member of the AnyBody London team, Stephanie Heart, to visually highlight the fact that 95% of women and girls are excluded from the images they consume in the media. The Model Meter illustrates the “ideal” proportions of a runway model (34-24-34 inches) and invites users to stand behind the Model Meter, and "break the mold" of this unrealistic social ideal.

AnyBody Argentina has been using the Model Meter as part of their Size Law campaign to emphasize the issues behind the lack of available sizes in many Argentine clothing stores and the problems with the “one size fits all” approach.


AnyBody Argentina members "break the mold" behind our Model Meter

AnyBody Argentina took the Model Meter onto the streets on 8th and 9th of July (Argentina’s Independence Day) and on the 8th of December and invited people to “independizar” (liberate) their bodies by interacting with the structure, taking a photo behind it if they choose, and signing our petition calling for the creation of a coherent, inclusive and national size law.

Check out the photos of Argentines who "broke the mold" by interacting with the Model Meter from our July and December sessions!

After collecting hundreds of signatures, we transferred our petition online, asking for a national, coherente and inclusive size law. 

The origins of the Model Meter: 

The Model Meter was created by Stephanie Heart, a member of the AnyBody/UK Endangered Bodies team. She presented it at the first Endangered Species international summit in London on 6 of March 2011.

Stephanie.jpgStephanie Heart (left) was the principal designer for the 2011 Endangered Species Summit. She is passionate about seeing women reach their full potential. A University of the Arts London graduate, Stephanie is an Art Director who uses her creative talent to combat the current visual culture. She has been an influential youth speaker and mentor to young women in the community for over four years. Taking delight in combining her creative talent with real life experiences and issues, she continues to deliver workshops, talks, creative sessions and events to young people that inspire change.
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