2017 - Many thanks to the following illustrators for creating original drawings to help spread the message of diversity and the need for a national size law in Argentina: 

AGUS_SOLAVAGGIONE.pngAgustina Solavaggione (September 2017)

Juanta (August 2017)

JUANTA_ILUSTRACION_1.jpgJuanta (July 2017)


_Pilar_Joaquín.jpgPilar Joaquín (June-July 2017)

      PJ_julio.png Pj_2.png


      Pj_3.png Pj_4.png


JOSEFINA_SCHIVO_FEDERICO.jpegJosefina Schivo Federico (June 2017)


2016 - Belén Llanos has been a public translator for over six years, specializing in script translations and adaptations for films and series, working with both subtitles and dubbed media. She has completed projects for a wide variety of television networks such as the Disney Channel, Discovery, Fox and Canal Encuentro, among others. 

She has lent her skills and extensive experience for various translations with AnyBody Argentina and for the Spanish subtitles of The Illusionists, a documentary which explores the link between the global epidemic of body hate and the world of advertising. 

For further information, please visit her LinkedIn profile



April 2013 - Professional photographer, Alejandra Iampietro, volunteered her time and skills to create the images used in an online photo campaign promoting the need for a national, coherent, and inclusive size law.



March 2013 - Anybody Argentina collaborated with the Guerrilla Girls on Tour by translating their "Someone wants me to disappear" poster to Spanish. Visit Guerrilla Girls on Tour's Tumblr page for larger versions of each image.



March 2013 - Anybody Argentina officially supported Despertando Conciencias, a fashion show celebrating beauty in all its sizes, shapes and forms in 9 de Julio, a city found in the province of Buenos Aires. The event was organized by the Comision de Asociados del Banco Credicoop and sponsored by La Direccion de Museos, Archivo Historico and Turismo de la Municipalidad de 9 de Julio. (Video)


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