Since we launched AnyBody Argentina, the Buenos Aires chapter of Endangered Bodies, we've created various campaigns and actions to generate awareness about the damage caused by beauty ideals and to facilitate a cultural change.

Learn more about all our activities since August of 2010 in our timeline.


Our first campaign involved awarding our recognition to three Argentine clothing brands that demonstrated an effort in complying with the size law. For more information, see: "Clothing Brands We Support 2011".

One of our most popular campaigns has involved the Model Meter, which visually highlights the fact that 95% of women and girls are excluded from the images they consume in the media. The Model Meter illustrates the "ideal" proportions of a runway model (34-24-34 inches) and invites users to stand behind the Model Meter to "break the mold" of this unrealistic social ideal. Learn more: "Model Meter 2012".

Our most recent campaign involves congratulating clothing brands in Argentina that offer a wide range of sizes and demonstrate a body positive attitude. In May of 2016, we awarded store window stickers to the following seven Argentine brands: Portofem, Taverniti, Florida Chic, Yagmour, Ted Bodin, Etam and Tex, the clothing brand belonging to the international supermarket chain, Carrefour. For more information, see "Clothing Brands We Support 2016". 


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